John Lewis Pop-Up Shop

In June 2021 just a year after creating Twig & Wild, Charlotte was very fortunate enough to partner with The Great British Exchange and take Twig & Wild to the John Lewis Leeds store for an entire week!

Some layout changes during Twig & Wild's week in the store meant that the usual small area next to the central escalators was not available for use, instead a large area directly next to the gifting till on the ground floor was the spot! Wow! What a good job Charlotte had worked her socks off in the run up to the pop-up and handmade oodles of gorgeous items.

It was an amazing week and we all enjoyed meeting people who came to see the pop-up or stumbled upon us unexpectedly. Your glowing comments had us grinning from ear to ear.


Twig & Wild pop-up shop at John Lewis Leeds with The Great British Exchange.

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